MPE/iX Support

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Hewlett-Packard may have decided many, many years ago that it’s time for the HP 3000 and its MPE/iX operating system to go away, but there are still quite a few customers who don’t agree with that decision and who continue to run their core business processes on these legendary systems.

Allegro supports these customers with support services and products to ensure that they can continue to do so as long as they need or wish to. As long as there are people with these systems, we’ll be here to help them.

Allegro has been involved with the MPE/iX (and before that MPE/XL and MPE) operating system since the beginning.

We’ve written parts of the operating system and its hugely popular TurboIMAGE database management system for HP, and taught operating system internals training classes to HP employees from Cupertino to Bangalore. We developed a certification program for HP for MPE/iX operating system internals experts.

We developed the world-class SPLash! native mode SPL language compiler used by HP and many 3rd party software developers.

In addition to end-user support and products, we also offer services to the larger HP 3000 community through support and development of 3rd party MPE/iX products. We’ve also acquired tools such as NFS/iX and SAFE/3000 to ensure that their customers can count on there being someone to help them going forward.

Our people are active in the user community as well, winning numerous awards for presentations and contributions to international users groups.

There’s no better source of information and assistance for the MPE/iX user.

Here’s some additional information regarding Continued Support Beyond 2010.

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