Managed Services

Allegro offers a range of services to help offload day to day operational responsibilities from customer staff.

A customer who needs to evolve their IT infrastructure may find that they are limited by the fact that they still need a large staff to manage and operate their existing systems and applications.

After all, these are the things that run your business.

With managed services from Allegro, a customer can offload their well-understood existing processes to someone they can trust, which frees up their own expert staff to focus on the evolution of the company’s systems and applications.

We can take over system administration through active remote management, we can take over and automate operational procedures and your “run book”, and in partnership with hardware and hosting companies we can even migrate your legacy applications into a remotely hosted environment with better performance, more capacity, and the uptime and secure access that you need, in concert with our system administration and operations services.

All of our managed services products are customized to each customer’s specific requirements.

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