Service Delivery Process

Quality customer service is all too often rare in this age of outsourcing, off-shoring, 3rd-party call centers, and minimum-wage script-based front-line support “experts”.

Who hasn’t had to sit on hold for 15 minutes only to get someone on the other side of the world with a difficult accent and seemingly no concept of what your problem is and no real power to solve it?

We prefer to do things the old fashioned way, offering personal, quality service, while remaining very cost competitive.

Our support specialists are typically former end-users and/or former OEM employees with both extensive knowledge of the systems they’re supporting as well as a keen understanding of the business pressures and other realities that today’s customers face. They speak your language, both spoken and technical.

There are no scripts. When you call, you will get routed directly to someone with the experience and knowledge needed to help answer your question or solve your problem. In addition, we give them the tools they need to bring in additional domain-specific expertise when needed, as well as a smooth escalation process for those “interesting” problems that can’t be figured out quickly.

Professionals talking to professionals. Techie to techie, business person to business person.

We’re fully staffed 24×7 every day of the year in order to be there for you when the big problems happen, and we offer response and service level agreements to meet any requirement and budget.

We typically integrate with our partner’s ticket management and call center processes, or we can provide these services to our partners. Call handling, routing, tracking, and related processes are customized to meet individual partner requirements.

Diagram of a typical call flow:

Diagram of Service Call Flow

The call flow diagram is provided as an example of our typical call flow process in order to demonstrate how Allegro can fit into your Service Delivery Model. Certain elements can be customized in order to fulfill any special requirements of the channel partner. For example Allegro can provide full featured Contact Center functionality should the partner company not have this feature as part of their in-house infrastructure. In addition Allegro provides choice in terms of call hand-offs (transfers from the contact center) which include Warm Hand-Off capabilities (instant transfers of calls to a Software Specialist after entitlement).