Free Trial Offer

We know it’s hard to make a decision without having a taste of the unknown. That is why we want to extend a no obligation Free Trial to you, our future partner. We want to demonstrate Allegro’s ongoing commitment to excellence in overall service from response time to our 24/7 support staff’s knowledge.

Put us to the test against the OEM or other competition and we will show you what we can really do.

How it works:

Send us an email message at to tell us about your interest. An Allegro representative will contact you to set up your free trial period. Typically this will provide for up to 1 month of free support with a maximum of 3 calls during the month. Your calls will be handled no differently than those from our other partners.

Then the next time your company or your customer has an OS incident, go ahead and open a call with us as well as with your current OS support provider. Our experts will work with your engineers who are in turn working with the end user. If required, arrangements can be made in order to provision for direct contact with the customer.

We also encourage you to use the Free Trial to open a call with Allegro when your customer has a hardware incident and your engineers are just not sure of where to get started with their troubleshooting process. We can help by analyzing crash or core dumps and make recommendations that will help your engineers find a root cause much faster.

This offer is available for a limited time to qualified potential service partners, some limitations may apply.