MPE/iX Products


  • Data Migration, Data Exporting
    • DBCSV – Export IMAGE databases to CSV files
    • DBHTML – Export IMAGE database structure to HTML or XML
    • PassPCI2 — Search for unencrypted credit card numbers for PCI2 compliance
  • System Management & Software Development
    • BFree – Reclaim Extent B-tree entries (increase MPE/iX limits), avoid system aborts, add more users
    • HourGlass – Date/Time simulation
    • SAFE/3000 – Security
    • SPLash! – Native Mode SPL compiler
  • Tape & Disk Utilities
    • DirTool – Analyze directory structures, and fix problems
    • DiskPerf – Test disk performance
    • TapeDisk – Copy contents of arbitrary tapes to disk files, and back
    • WipeDisk – Securely erase disk drives or files
    • X-Over – Copy multi-reel STORE tapes from one media to another (e.g., DDS to DLT)

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