Privacy Statement

Allegro’s Web Privacy Statement

Allegro believes strongly in personal privacy. We strive to operate our web site and other Internet-accessible services in a manner which ensures that users’ privacy is not compromised. Our site is designed so that you may browse anonymously without revealing personal information. When you do provide personal information, we use it solely for the purpose of delivering the services and/or information you request. We will never volunteer your information to any third party without first obtaining your explicit permission.

What we collect

At present we have three forms which collect personal information from you:

In all cases your participation is voluntary. Allegro does not collect information about you unless you supply it explicitly. We will not attempt to gather such information without your knowledge and consent.


Although our site makes sparing use of cookies it should function perfectly well if you choose to disable cookies within your browser.


If you have questions or suggestions regarding our privacy policy, please direct them to, or fill out our Comment Submission form