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As you can hopefully tell from the rest of our web site, we are a computer service and software company. We do NOT make TV remote controls, computer chips, sensors, motor homes or cookware. We do NOT operate a cruise ship line or an airline. Although we do work with software, we are NOT involved with Embedded Internet Software Toolkits.

If we are not the Allegro you are looking for, perhaps one of the links below
will help you find the correct one.

The following sites have absolutely no connection with Allegro Consultants, Inc.
We are offering links here for your convenience only.

AllegroMedical - Discount Medical Supplies

Remote Controls

As stated above, WE DO NOT MAKE TV REMOTE CONTROLS! However, we have heard a rumor that Zenith does. Zenith does not answer our phone calls or e-mail requests to confirm this, so we are not positive. Nonetheless, if you are looking for remote control codes for an Allegro remote control, you might want to try this link at remotecentral.com

Sound Cards

We’re also not sure what an ESS Allegro Sound Card is either. But if you’re
looking for a driver for one, we heard you might find one at

Open Drivers.
Once there, do a search of their downloads for “Allegro”.

Assorted Other Allegros

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