Cooper announces his retirement

Steve writes: On February 1, 2022, Allegro Consultants, Inc. will celebrate its 38th birthday and the beginning of a new era. I’ll be stepping aside and beginning my retirement. I am pleased to announce that Donna Hofmeister will be taking over as President and I have complete confidence in Donna’s ability to lead the company and provide the support and customer service that you have come to expect from us. It has been a pleasure working with all of our clients and employees through the years, and encourage everyone to stay in touch.

We’re becoming

Effective immediately, we are changing our domain name from to Please use this new name for e-mail and our website. For example, to reach our support team, please send e-mail to And, our website can be reached at

Allegro shipping iOS and Android apps

Allegro also writes mobile apps … we don’t just create software to solve impossible mainframe problems!

Allegro develops apps for iOS, Android, Mac, and Windows.  Our most recent mobile app reads barcodes and QR codes, takes photographs, and uploads them to a web server to provide the customer the fastest field-to-user data in their industry.

Charon and SIMH tape image creation

Allegro has the exclusive ability to directly generate Charon-format NM STORE tape image files and SIMH-format CM STORE tapes image files.  Differing from STORE-to-disk format, these can be useful when moving files or data from one HP 3000 to an emulated HP 3000 when STORE-to-disk files aren’t appropriate.  Please contact Allegro for further information.

Wipedisk for RedHat (RHEL) 7 and CentOS 7

Allegro continues its commitment to produce quality software utilities for modern operating systems by releasing WipeDisk for RedHat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 7 and CentOS 7. WipeDisk, a utility to erase or wipe clean a disk drive, meets the most stringent data security requirements, as established by the Department of Defense. Please see our WipeDisk for Linux page for more information.

Allegro releases new MPE utility XSCHEMA

For most of MPE’s history, customers have relied on third-party commercial products such as Adager, DBGeneral, and our own DBHTML as the means to “decompile” Image database root files into human-readable schema text files. We’re happy to announce XSCHEMA as the latest addition to our extensive catalog of free MPE utilities. XSCHEMA produces database schema files compatible with MPE’s DBSCHEMA utility.

SYSLOG utility has been enhanced!

Allegro’s SYSLOG tool, which has for many years given MPE/iX system administrators the means to adjust system logging parameters, has recently been enhanced to provide the ability to adjust network logging parameters, as well. Previously, for example, one could configure the next LOG#### number. You can now configure the next NMLG#### number, as well as the next NMTrace file number.

Announcing ALLOWALL

We are happy to release ALLOWALL, yet another highly useful utility for your HP 3000 system. ALLOWALL gives the current job or session the ability to execute system OPERATOR commands that would normally be restricted either to the OPERATOR or to the system Console. ALLOWALL is available for download on our MPE Freeware page.