Free HP-UX Software

PSCREEN/uX is a screen-capture utility for HP-UX. PSCREEN/uX runs on HP-UX 9.x and later, on both S800s and S700s, and assumes that you have either an HP-compatible terminal or emulator, or hpterm. PSCREEN/uX is compiled for PA-RISC 1.0 and will run on any later PA-RISC architecture; is linked with .sl library and is available in several forms, all packaged as compressed TAR files:

Notes: These files have both the PSCREEN program, and a .o file (pscreen_func.o) suitable for linking into your own programs (see pscreen_func.h).

We recommend first trying PSCREENUX, and if it won’t run, then try PSCREENFUX.

buzz is a simple program designed to “buzz” the CPU (use CPU intensively) for a specifed number of seconds.
Download: buzz.tar