Allegro Expands Data Migration Offerings

Allegro is pleased to announce a significant expansion of our data migration offerings. Previously, we have provided customers with the means to convert legacy TurboIMAGE databases into a number of target formats including Eloquence, CSV, HTML, and XML using our various utilities such as Rosetta Store, DBHTML, or DBCSV, as well as customized migration processing tailored to individual customer needs. We now support a variety of SQL based target formats including MySQL and Microsoft SQL Server databases. offers up MPE/iX freeware

Those looking for MPE/iX ports of Open Source software that were formerly hosted at HP’s “Jazz” and other sites will appreciate which promotes itself as “being your one-stop shop for all available Open Source packages ported to the platform, lots of freeware programs and scripting, and loads of tools and information to keep your 3000 system alive and thriving!”. Currently the site offers an updated all-in-one package of the components required to implement the sftp Secure File Transfer Protocol on MPE/iX 6.5 or later. This package includes Perl, the Gnu Compiler Collection (GCC), as well as GNU tools, SSL, SSH, and required dependencies.

MPE/iX Patch News

Although HP no longer provides technical support services for MPE/iX, they have recently clarified their position regarding patches for the venerable OS. All patches, including beta patches, are available for free to anyone, even to those without a support contract with HP. So you can come to Allegro for MPE support, and go to HP for patches. Details on the program are available at HP’s e3000 transition page.

AUTOST: New free utility for MPE/iX

We’re pleased to announce the release of AUTOST, a brand new freeware utility for MPE/iX which allows system managers to add or delete an autoboot command file without having to reboot the system. More information and links to download the software are available on our free software page.

HP licenses MPE/iX Source Code to Allegro

February 24, 2010 – Cupertino, CA. Hewlett-Packard announced today that Allegro Consultants, Inc. was chosen as a licensee of the Source Code for their MPE/iX operating system of the HP 3000 computer system.

“Hewlett-Packard announced in 2008 that they would create a limited number of fee-based source code licenses that will allow third parties to use MPE/iX source code as reference material for providing technical support to HP 3000 customers, where technical support includes investigating problems, developing workarounds, and creating instruction-level, binary patches. The license is targeted at those third parties whose business model is to provide technical support on HP 3000 products”

Allegro looks forward to many years of continuing support for HP 3000 users, and this announcement demonstrates our commitment to maintaining the highest levels of technical knowledge and expertise in this area.

Allegro welcomes Donna Hofmeister to the team

Allegro is thrilled to announce another expansion of our Technical Support team. Our newest member Donna Hofmeister brings years of experience and expertise to the team.

Donna (aka ‘d’) is well known in the MPE community for her association with OpenMPE and advocacy on the HP3000-L. Her MPE and HP-UX skills, as well as her extensive experience working within a large corporate data center will augment and enhance Allegro’s offerings. Donna holds Certifications in HP-UX System Administration and in ITIL Foundations.