Rosetta Store for Linux

Rosetta Stone

Named after the famed Rosetta Stone, which proved to be the key to unlocking the meaning of the hieroglyphics of ancient Egypt, Rosetta Store can unlock data stored in MPE-created STORE or Orbit Backup+ tapes or “STORE-to-Disk” archive files and restore them onto Linux systems. Rosetta Store understands most MPE file and data formats, including KSAM files and TurboIMAGE databases, and offers a wide selection of automatic data transformation capabilities, including the ability to restore TurboIMAGE databases into Eloquence databases, XML, CSV, and other formats.

Rosetta Store solves numerous problems which MPE customers might encounter before, during or after a migration from the HP 3000 platform. The product can be used to facilitate inter-operation with applications on other platforms by converting MPE data files into a form usable by foreign applications. For example, a user might create a STORE-to-Disk file of some MPE data files and send that file over the network to a Linux system where Rosetta Store would be used to extract the data into a format appropriate to the local application.

Customers who find Rosetta Store especially useful typically fall into one (or more) of three categories:

  • Homesteading: Those who intend to continue running their HP 3000s for the foreseeable future, but need to transfer data on a regular basis to another platform can now do so easily using Rosetta Store.
  • Migration: Users who are in the process of migrating away from the HP 3000 and who require conversions of legacy data to the new target platform. This traditionally required the creation of separate extract, transport, and import processes, plus the infrastructure to execute them when needed. Rosetta Store can perform all of these operations without requiring the user to create custom programs and processes, and it can perform these operations on all or a subset of the user data as often as desired. Rosetta Store‘s ability to perform repeated data conversions easily facilitates transitions during which both old and new systems exist in parallel, either for development, testing, or continued parallel operation.
  • Post-migration compliance: Customers who may no longer have an HP 3000 system but still have a library of (STORE or Orbit) tapes can use Rosetta Store to access archival information. This may help users meet regulatory and other legal requirements, as well as allow them to eliminate the need to keep a working MPE system around longer than they would like.

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